Scrolling Down

I didn’t fall asleep at night, 

So, I kept scrolling down.

Hoping to find some magic post, 

which could change my state of angst. 

I saw most videos and read all blogs, 

but the rush of inspiration didn’t last for long. 

So, when my eyes were tired enough,

I stared at the ceiling right above.

A series of slides passed through my mind, 

where I was successful and everything was right.

I thought and thought and thought some more, 

and all my thoughts made me feel like never before.

I smiled, I frowned, I laughed and I cried, 

And did live a fanciful life in my mind. 

But, then every night was quite the same, 

With all the replays now seeming to be lame.

And when the rush of adrenaline did subside, 

I was pulled back to reality where nothing was right. 

Three hours had passed and it was already one,

After four hours, I had to see the sun. 

My time did slip right through my fingers, 

I wondered why I didn’t manage it well. 

I groaned over the videos, the blogs that I read, 

When I was supposed to snuggle and sleep in my bed. 

I bargained my time for a satisfaction I didn’t get, 

from all the scrolling down my mind was then fed. 

Night after night, I repeated this course, 

What kept me going? Was it some brute force?

And hence, I lost most beautiful days, 

from where everything was to be right.

The feeling of regret,

Added up to my plight.

A few minutes from now, the clock will strike two, 

To get back my lost time, there is nothing I can do.

-Zaheen Khan


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